News | September 15, 2022

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Summer 2022 President’s and Dean’s lists honor FGCU’s top scholars

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Florida Gulf Coast University honors its top scholars each semester by naming undergraduate students to the President’s List or Dean’s List. The combined published lists for the summer 2022 semester feature 229 students hailing from 14 states and 2 countries. Roughly 91 percent of honorees on the combined lists are from Florida.

The President’s List celebrates students who have finished at least 12 hours of regularly graded classes during the summer 2022 semester and have a 4.0 grade point average (GPA). Each of the 58 honorees receives a letter from President Mike Martin acknowledging their stellar work.

To make the Dean’s List, a student must complete at least 12 hours of regularly graded classes and earn a GPA between 3.5 and 3.99 during the semester. A letter of congratulations is sent to each Dean’s List honoree from the dean of their college.

Here are the FGCU Summer 2022 President’s and Dean’s lists (Please view with Google Chrome):

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