News | November 07, 2017

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Anniversary celebration honors 2 great decades

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[vc_column_text]It’s hard to imagine that not much more than 20 years ago, the Florida Gulf Coast University campus was mostly a blank slate and a dream. In two decades, it’s become a respected educational institution, a cultural hub and an economic catalyst for Southwest Florida.


Today, almost 26,000 proud graduates have become engineers, teachers, business leaders, health practitioners and other public- and private-sector professionals – imbued with a commitment to sustainability and community service. Together, they have contributed more than 2 million hours of service to the region.


While the university’s administrators and faculty have been advocating for and teaching those students for two decades, they also have been expanding academic programs, growing campus infrastructure and extending community outreach — in what can only be described as explosive fashion.


Student-athletes, artists, musicians and actors have gained knowledge, maturity and experience while entertaining thousands of residents and visitors, bringing greater fame to the university.


We’ve done plenty in 20, that’s for sure. We like to call it The FGCU Effect — inspiring those who inspire others. And as we begin the next 20 years under the leadership of our new president, Mike Martin, we are excited to see where inspiration will lead us.

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