News | May 24, 2017


Athletics video promotes diversity & unity on campus

In an effort to promote FGCU as an all-inclusive campus, all of the Eagles’ athletic teams collaborated on a unified video message, “15 Teams, 1 Family: All Eagles.”

An initiative spearheaded by FGCU’s Athletic Inclusion & Diversity Committee (AIDC), the video below features a representative from each of the Green & Blue’s teams and encourages all members of the FGCU family to unite in creating and promoting the university as a special place to live, work, learn and compete.

“Being a member of the AIDC has helped me in being not only a leader on my team and among student-athletes, but on campus as well,” said rising junior volleyball player Amanda Carroll, who was recently selected as the ASUN’s National SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) representative. “My involvement has helped those around me to be less judgmental and more understanding of the people around them, and it gives me the motivation to stand up to those who are less inclusive. Diversity is such an important part of athletics, and by being part of this committee I feel like I can help integrate our athletic community into our student community.”

In the 2016-17 academic year, FGCU’s 252 student-athletes hailed from 28 different states, 23 countries and all six habitable continents, creating in itself a unique, diversified athletics family.

“We are so proud to represent all members of the FGCU community on a daily basis,” said Director of Athletics Ken Kavanagh. “Geographically, our student-athletes represent so many areas and regions of not only our state and country, but the world at-large and the many cultures present with it. Successful athletics espouses teamwork at its finest, and this video hopefully represents our belief that we are one large Green & Blue nation and this truly encompasses all who comprise FGCU.”

The AIDC is a subcommittee of FGCU’s Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, and in connection with the university’s Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance demonstrates key points as to why diversity and inclusion are so important:


  • A university that fosters a diverse working and learning environment provides the most enriching educational environment for its students.
  • Diversity allows faculty, staff and students to better teach and learn from each other.
  • Understanding individuals who are different than you is key in establishing and maintaining good peer relationships.
  • Diversity helps us in evaluating people based on their individual character, abilities, beliefs, work ethic, etc. instead of preconceived biases.


  • When staff, faculty and students feel included, they are more prone to be engaged in achieving the goals of their department, office, college, etc.
  • An environment that engages everyone is more productive and creative.
  • Inclusion helps us all to become more conscious and sensitive students and employees.

In its 10th season at the NCAA Division-I level with baseball still competing, FGCU teams have combined to win an incredible 62 conference regular season and tournament titles. Additionally, in just 5+ seasons of D-I postseason eligibility, the Eagles have had 29 teams or individuals compete in NCAA championships.

FGCU student-athletes are not only succeeding in their competitions, but in the classroom and community as well. They have posted a higher grade-point average than the overall student body for 15 consecutive semesters and annually volunteer more than 6,000 hours of community service.