News | May 04, 2017

Campus Life

What time is it?

Gone are the days when the object fastened to our wrist simply tells time. Time, it seems, takes a back seat to matters such as measuring our fitness, checking text messages, answering calls, navigating our route, monitoring the weather and paying bills.

Heather Hamilton, a senior from Anchorage, Alaska, enrolled in the Resort and Hospitality Management program, is extremely happy with the Apple Watch she’s had for a couple of months. “I really love the convenience it brings me as well as all of the features it has,” she says. “As difficult as it is to pick one out of all the awesome features that come with the watch, I would have to say the navigation system is  my favorite. It is really great when I am driving through places I don’t know very well.”

Whether it’s an Apple Watch, a Jawbone, Garmin or Fitbit, these handy devices have not only wrapped themselves around our arms but our hearts as well.