360 degrees of FGCU: Our favorite photos

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James Greco has his eye – and his lens – perpetually focused on Florida Gulf Coast University.


He pops up everywhere, chronicling the panorama of campus life – skateboarding students and sunbathing alligators, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, Eagles engaged in service and celebrating the joy of commencement.


After Azul, he may be the most recognized figure on campus – even with a camera covering his face. 


Following are some of his favorite images of 2022-23, with his thoughts on why he chose them.

The intricate atrium sculpture in Academic Building 9 takes on different looks depending on daylight and the viewer’s perspective. I used a longer lens and filled the frame with the dangling acrylic pyramids. I like the colors, contrast of sharpness and the repetition of the shapes

and cable lines.

FGCU student musician

The Bower School of Music & the Arts’ Joyful & Triumphant concert is one of my favorite annual FGCU events. I carefully aligned the Christmas tree in the background with the violinist in the foreground.


By using a very shallow depth of field, I created a subtle interaction between the musician and the “bokeh” – the out-of-focus area – that mimics music notes emanating from the instrument.

FGCU tennis player Lola Glantz

With this photo the viewer can really sense FGCU tennis player Lola Glantz’s anticipation of the incoming serve. This is a good example of a perfectly composed image.

Luna the therapy dog

Luna the therapy dog has become a big celebrity on campus, and I came across her celebrating her birthday with FGCU students.

Cypress trees

I love the way the sunlight dances through the bald cypress trees on a breezy afternoon. The boardwalks are my longtime favorite photo spots on campus.

FGCU grad Miralny Marante

FGCU grad Miralny Marante works as a gardener at the Naples Botanical Garden. Early-morning light perfectly illuminated her and the plants surrounding her.

water researchers on boat

I love being on the water, especially for work. In early March, Kimberly’s Reef was deployed by The Water School. While waiting for the barge to get into position in the Gulf of Mexico, another boat in our flotilla was severely backlit against the very bright sky. I braced myself on our boat’s gunnel and timed the shot with the waves as I exposed my camera for the water and focused on the boat, creating a beautiful silhouette with high-rises peeking over the horizon. I really like the strong rule-of-thirds composition.

FGCU basketball player Tishara “TK” Morehouse

This photo from the ASUN Conference Tournament Championship game final captures Tishara “TK” Morehouse’s athleticism and no-fear attitude. This is one of my basketball season favorites because of the composition of the two players, like two dancers, with their limbs aligning in one of two directions.

FGCU pep rally

I used a slow shutter speed to creatively portray the rhythmic movement and excitement of the Eagle Revolution crowd.

Bradshaw Library at FGCU

Academic Building 9, aka The Water School, provides new vantage points to photograph campus. From a perch there, I captured a dramatic late-August sunrise.

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