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Alumni Association expands and engages Eagles coast to coast

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[vc_column_text]The network of almost 38,000 FGCU Eagles alumni across the country is growing and the Florida Gulf Coast University Alumni Association is expanding to meet the demand.

If you ask Rachel Faramo (’05, Communication) about connecting with fellow Eagles through the newly formed FGCU Naples Eagles Chapter, you’ll find that the founding president exudes pride when describing the network of FGCU alumni in the area.

Fall 2021 Fall issue of FGCU360“We love learning more about our chapter members, local alumni, community and building those connections,” Faramo said. “Our VP who runs social media has done a fantastic job with this!”

With new groups from Naples to Nashville and then on to San Francisco, the FGCU alumni chapters offer lots of networking potential.

Kim Wallace, director of FGCU Alumni Relations, said that because of changes in the past year in event dynamics due to the pandemic, locations across the country have increased connectivity and sparked new interest in keeping up with the university. “The chapters offer the best opportunity for connecting with fellow Eagles, professional development and strengthening bonds between FGCU graduates all over,” Wallace said.

New locations have been added and chapter leadership selected to build connections with Eagles who live in places where there are growing communities of FGCU alumni. There are now 20 chapters across the country.

According to Faramo, the pride in the university has been passionate and consistent. “Our alumni are very connected with the community professionally and socially. Everyone we meet wants to give back to FGCU in one way or another,” she said.

Leading the Naples Eagles, she credits FGCU with helping to shape her future, including meeting her husband, Jeff, also an FGCU alumnus, and lots of lifelong friends.

The Naples Eagles Chapter has led the way in hosting featured events based on feedback from alumni – such as a signature summer brunch, basketball watch party and a cornhole tournament in conjunction with the Fort Myers Eagles chapter.

The cornhole tournament, held at Riptide Brewing in Bonita Springs in August, was one of the first to include two chapters combining their Eagle pride and enjoying festivities together. This cross chapter meet-up aimed to bring the Naples and Fort Myers chapters together and connect local alumni who had not yet joined.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Alumni Cornhole Polaroid Collage


Kids playing with wooden blocks
Eagles alumni, friends and family members enjoy a gathering at Riptide Brewing Co. in Bonita Springs.


To find an FGCU Eagles Alumni Chapter near you visit:, and click on Get Involved.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Cape Coral Eagles
Annie Banion ’17, Vice President
[email protected]


Fort Lauderdale Eagles
Chelsea Mills ’19, Chapter President
[email protected]


Fort Myers Eagles
Ryne Hensley ’18, Chapter Co-President
& Kaitlin Danks ’19, Chapter Co-President
[email protected]


Jacksonville Eagles
Jennifer Joyce ’12, ’15, Chapter President
[email protected]


Naples Eagles
Rachel Faramo ’15, Chapter Co-President
& McKenzie Van-Essen Morris ’14, Chapter Co-President
[email protected]


Orlando Eagles
Cait Schall ’16, Chapter Co-President
& Jenna Gillian ’17, Chapter Co-President
[email protected]


Sarasota Eagles
Jim Daily ’12, Chapter Co-President
& Danielle Visione ’14, ’16,
Chapter Co-President
[email protected]
and [email protected]


Tallahassee Eagles
Kaitlynn Orlandi ’16, Chapter President
[email protected]


Tampa Eagles
Andres Velosa ’19, Chapter President
[email protected]


West Palm Beach Eagles
Carlos Ospina ’18, Chapter Co-President
& Karli Van Keuren ’16,
Chapter Co-President
[email protected]
and [email protected][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]EASTERN U.S. CHAPTERS

Atlanta Eagles
If you are interested in becoming
a chapter leader,
email: [email protected]


Boston Eagles
Michael McDonald ’11, Chapter
Co-President & Richard Ysidron ’17, Chapter Co-President
[email protected] and [email protected]


North Carolina Eagles (Charlotte)
Skye Gonzalez ’16, Chapter President
[email protected]


Nashville Eagles
Chauntel Brown ’13, ’19,
Chapter Co-President
& Jason Finan ’18, Chapter Co-President
[email protected] and [email protected]


New York City Eagles
Joseph Marro ’11, Chapter President
[email protected]


Washington D.C. Eagles
Pero Jolevski ’07, Chapter President
[email protected]



Chicago Eagles
Jordan Davis ’19, Chapter President
[email protected]


Rocky Mountain Eagles
Jaime Tirado ’18, ’21, Chapter President
[email protected]



Los Angeles Eagles
If you are interested in becoming
a chapter leader,
email: [email protected]


San Francisco Eagles
Isaac Roman ’12, Chapter President
[email protected][/vc_column_text]

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