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You ask, we answer

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You ask, we answer. 

Curious Gulf Coast” comprises short WGCU HDTV spots that air between PBS programs.


FGCU theater student Gabby Kadoo hosts these short segments that answer questions submitted by viewers. Tune in for the reason why both a fire truck and an ambulance go out on the same call, and where “Burnt Store” got its name.


These segments are a follow-up to earlier WGCU Curious Gulf Coast TV and radio segments that addressed such topics as the origin of the word “cracker,” the history of dog racing in Florida, and why the state doesn’t have a ban on plastic bags.


Where is home?

This is a question many local people of Haitian descent likely are asking themselves now.


Temporary Protected Status granted in 2010 to refugees from the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti is set to end July 22, 2019. This earthquake in the most populated area of the country, about 16 miles west of the capital, sent Haitian people fleeing to other countries, including the United States.


WGCU’s FM staff is talking about the impending end of TPS from the point of view of the people whose lives were tossed into the air by natural disaster, and now, after landing and beginning anew in the United States, their lives are being volleyed by the raging immigration debate in America.


“Where is Home? Haitians Counting Down” is the title of a series of four-minute segments running periodically during “Morning Edition,” “All Things Considered” and “Gulf Coast Live.”

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