News | September 20, 2016

Undergraduate Studies

Tuition rebate aims to inspire students to soar in 4

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Even with scholarships and two years of prepaid tuition, Danielle Christy knew she couldn’t afford to become a “super senior,” taking five or six years to earn her FGCU degree. And she didn’t. Despite juggling full credit loads with activities in multiple student organizations and jobs off campus, she graduated on time last spring with an elementary education degree and soon got a job teaching.

“Graduating in four years is not impossible, but you do have to prioritize and manage your time,” she says. “It made me proud to know I could stick with it and graduate on time because it wasn’t easy and so many students don’t.”

To provide additional incentive for more undergraduates to follow a similar path, FGCU launched Soar in 4: The Governor’s Challenge. Incoming freshmen who commit to the program in their first semester, graduate in four years and are employed or enlisted in the service within six months of graduation are eligible for a rebate of their first-year out-of-pocket tuition.

The program addresses Gov. Rick Scott’s challenge to Florida State University System schools to ensure that students finish in four years and join the workforce promptly. FGCU hopes Soar in 4 will cultivate a campus culture that values graduating on time. Requirements of the program include annual appointments with academic or career advisors, completion of an internship and participation in FGCU-sponsored job fairs.

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