News | January 13, 2015


Students launch online journal for research

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The first volume of “Aquila: The FGCU Student Journal” has been published online to showcase scholarly research being done by students.

The collaborative journal is written and edited by students with faculty advising. “Aquila” means eagle in Latin, and it’s also the name of a constellation in the northern hemisphere represented by the figure of an eagle. The journal’s logo is an abstract line drawing suggesting an eagle with wings spread in flight.

The inaugural volume contains articles on literature, engineering, legal studies, communication and philosophy.

“We built our editorial model upon the strong founding of Ampersand, the online College of Arts and Sciences collection of notable undergraduate works that ran during the formative years of FGCU,” said student editor-in-chief Chris Harrison.

“It looks absolutely exceptional and is a testimony to the incredible hard work of our student editorial board, as well as the excellent research being conducted by our undergraduate and graduate students,” said Nicola Foote, Interim Director of the Honors Program and associate professor of history.

To read or download Aquila articles, click here.

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